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Server Rules

Post by Zed on Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:32 am

These are the rules for the game server. Do not connect to the server unless you have read the rules and have a full understanding of them. If you have questions contact an administrator.

1) Tribe Limit - 6

2) We have a target number of 30 players total on the server.

3) No cave bases or blocking.

4) We raid for loot! Not to wipe someone's base or non combat tames. For example if someone's base is surrounded with 20 behemoth gates you only break what you need in order to gain entry to the base. Same thing for the base itself (main structure(s)). No passive killing unless that tame was used against you or is blocking access or entry into an enemy base.

5) Tame limit - 10 of any dino with the exception of the Argentavis which will be 12.

6) Please clean up your litter. We like to stress this one. Examples include abandoned campfires, spikes used for taming, old bases, unused item caches, pipes and cables, rafts etc. This helps ensure that the server continues to run smoothly. If an admin has to clean up your litter the command used will destroy all structures owned by your tribe. We will give warning. If an admin requests a cleanup it must be done at the time of the admin request.


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